Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank you all for another great iPad class!  You all have the necessary core skills to go out do the things you'd like to do with your iPads, and when you get stumped have some strategies for working things out.

I did want to call further attention to the observed impact of iPads in Auburns school system, and while I think there is still more needed research on how iPads can aid in learning, the initial results of assessment are very encouraging, you can read about here.

What I think is happening at least in early education, as we explored a bit in class, is that the iPad is not as Steve Jobs suggested a "magical device".  Rather it is a tool for delivering very focused information which becomes foundational knowledge in a customizable format young learners find enjoyable and is thus positively reinforced.  This is a best case scenario for helping young learners master the basics, it's not every day children elect on their own to do the repetition necessary to commit core information to memory.  The iPad helps to make the task of learning more palitable through gamification, it does not eliminate the work a learner must do.

 Whether the use of the iPad might allow for later development of critical thinking skills is yet to be determined, and something I hope at some point, you as adult learners might offer your thoughts on.  This is an area I am very interested in, and hope over time you keep in touch.

Thank you for a great class.

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