Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I think I have my blog problems worked out, so you should now be able to see the links to the presentations from the past two classes and tonights.  Class 4Class 5Class 6

I three good questions about iPads emailed to me from the class I wanted to respond to. 

"Can I download and save files with the iPad like I can with my windows laptop? If so, where are the files saved? Also can I search the iPad for a file?"

You can not "download" anything to iPad's, iPhone's or iPod Touches quite like you can on computers.  You can download from inside certain apps, iTunes is an obvious one that allows you to download music, video, etc.  You can also tap and hold on some things from inside Safari, such as an image from the web and save it to Photos.  In both of these cases you will be able to find what you've downloaded from within the specific app.  However another way you can find things, say a song, on your iPad is to swipe from left to right on your devices screen until you see the "search iPad" feature at the top your screen.  It will look like this.

And just in case any of you are wondering how I get these KeyNote presentations onto the blog, they are done on my iPad but I then need to convert them to a PDF file, download to my computer then upload to Google Drive, copy the link from Google Drive and paste it into Blogger.  Until very recently it was possible to do everything on the iPad - then Apple changed the ability to create links to individual files in iCloud and I moved everything to Google Drive. Then Blogger changed it's formatting, changing how I write the blogs.  Now that I think I have this all figured out, it might be interesting for you to know, in case you want to create your own blog.

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