Monday, June 4, 2012

Creating video with iPhones and iPads

While I have shot videos on my iPad before, lately I have been getting more serious with my iPhone, iPad, Garage Band and iMovie to create video. The latest art video I've been working on is experimental, and though I used FCP for editing since there is no color selection for iMovie or extensions e.g. Magic Bullets excellent Movie Looks app... yet, the iPhone and iPad are clearly very capable of making ever more sophisticated videos. Take a look at my Tempest in a Teapot video for my hometown for Lewiston.

The video was shot using an iPhone 4 and much editing with my iPad using iMovie, Movie Looks and GarageBand. The video suffers from not using a tripod, and as noted, lack of full editing features in iMovie, none the less I am hopeful that in future classes we might explore creating videos in class to help develop student apprecciation for the iPad and creative use of it.


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